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We provide professional nutritional advice from a personal approach and help you change your eating habits or lifestyle. Simply because you want it yourself or because this is necessary for medical reasons. Everyone is different, has different wishes and habits; you know quite well what is and what is not good, but what is good for you? And how do you actually change your eating habits? As a dietician, we are specialists in the field of nutrition, lifestyle and behavior.

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About Yugoslovo Practice

Our practice is located in Oak Lane. Within Oak Lane, we have intensive cooperation with each other. Together with many care providers, including general practitioners, physiotherapists, and psychologists, we try to respond to what you need. The human being as a whole is the starting point, with the goal that you too can live pleasantly in your own way. With a little help from us. All this from a positive approach: positive health.

I’ve Developed Fun & Realistic Methods For a Balanced Nutrition

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