At a later age it can become increasingly difficult to stay mobile. Fortunately, more and more products are coming onto the market to keep moving. In this blog you will read 5 useful ways to stay mobile. For yourself or, for example, for your (grand) parents. 

Mobility with a walker or mobility scooter

If you reduce mobility, the first step is often a walker or a mobility scooter. A walker provides support while walking or standing. You can lean on the walker and take small steps forward. A walker costs between € 75 and € 150. If you or a family member can no longer walk independently, a mobility scooter is a solution. The price of a mobility scooter is usually above € 1000. You can of course cover greater distances with this.

Go up again with a stairlift

Do you or someone in your area have trouble climbing the stairs? A stairlift offers a solution if the stairs begin to form an obstacle. A stairlift consists of a rail along the inside or outside of the stairs that an electric chair maneuvers over. With a stair lift you can go up and down the stairs again carefree and independently. This without fear of falls. The purchase value of a stair lift is, depending on the number of turns and the length of the stairs, between 2,750 and 8,000 euros. To lower the price, you can also opt for a second-hand stairlift.

Senior citizens receive a discount in Public Transport

65 years or older? Then you get a 34% discount on the bus, tram and metro. Someone automatically receives the discount on his / her 65th birthday and is immediately settled in the fare. To be eligible for this, you only need a personal OV chip card. 
In some cities, elderly people can travel for free by public transport. It is wise to consult your municipality about the facilities. Particularly in and around Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague there is (partly) free public transport for the elderly. There are also various public transport companies that give discounts to elderly people such as Syntus and the Dutch Railways.

Visit family with the Valys

Valys is a sharing taxi for people with a mobility problem. If someone travels more than 5 public transport zones, you can use this service. The advantage of the Valys is that you are not dependent on friends or family when you visit. The person receives a personal kilometer budget (PKB) of 600 kilometers per year with which they can travel. This means that you can travel 600 kilometers per year with the Valys for a reduced rate of € 0.20 per kilometer. In some cases, someone can get an increased PKB of 2,250 kilometers per year. If you use the Valys you will be picked up at home by bus or taxi and then taken to the final destination.

Rent a van from the Sunflower Foundation

Do you, a family member or acquaintance use a wheelchair or mobility scooter? Then that person can rent a van from the Sunflower Foundation. The so-called Sunflower car was created to allow people with reduced mobility to travel cheaply. This makes it easier to travel independently and not to depend on others. In principle, the rent does not include a driver, but you can book a driver for free when booking. The (indicative) rental price of the Sunflower car is € 40 per day including 100 kilometers. After that the costs are € 0.20 per kilometer excluding fuel. In the van there is still room for 3 or 4 other people, who can travel for free.