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Specialist in Nutrition, Behavior and Lifestyle

Nutrition plays an important role in both health and illness. There are many reasons to go to the dietician. We have our specializations, but are trained as all-round dietitians.

What can you come to us for?

– Diabetes or insulin resistance 
– Emotion eating or stress eating 
– Wanting help with lifestyle change 
– Increased blood pressure and / or increased cholesterol 
– Malnutrition (due to old age or illness) 
– Unwanted weight loss 
– Pregnancy and / or breastfeeding 

My Story

Meet Lillie Croker, Professional Food Coach

Lillie Croker graduated in 2000 as a dietitian and in 2006 set up Yugoslovo Practice  “My challenge is to help people in a personal way to change their eating behavior and to ensure that they feel better and better. I believe that with the right diet there is much to be gained and that every person is able to change their diet in a positive way. That makes good food fit and energetic. The right motivation and coaching is indispensable in this. ”

In addition to being a dietician, Lillie Croker are also lifestyle coaches. A lifestyle coach takes a broader view than just food. We coach in changing behavior, and that can be in several areas. We look at what habits you have and what you want to change. Breaking habits and choosing a different lifestyle is not always easy. We know the pitfalls and are happy to help you. 

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