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I do recommend the products that are really good. You can also ask the people who helped me write the review for suggestions. Here are some things that I would do:

If you can't afford a lightening cream, try a moisturizer and a serum. Some of the lightening creams and moisturizers I have reviewed are available as a cream. I am still working on the one for women. So if you can't afford that, go buy one. I am not a fan of using creams or lotions. I used to use a lotion, but it felt too heavy for my skin. You also need a few drops of the lightening lotion in your hand to get the right amount of the cream. Most of the products I have reviewed do a lot of things. Some of them will lighten your face. Some of them won't. I have found out that there are lots of products out there that claim to lighten your skin. I will explain the difference between creams and lotions. A cream is a thick, liquid-based product. It is basically a moisturizer with a little bit of something to help the skin absorb the moisturizer so that the skin doesn't get dry. When I say thick, I mean that it is usually thick.

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Liah Alfaro

The Lumiskin product has Lumiskin proven to be an insider tip for skin lightening. A myriad of good...